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waypoint system

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Posted 09 January 2015 - 05:52 PM


Galactic Positioning System And Personal Waypoints

This mod tracks your position in the world, and gives you your coordinates depending on your position. The coordinates are displayed at the top of your screen.

This mod also allows you to add personal waypoints based on the coordinates displayed at the top. These waypoints are only viewable by yourself and are displayed on your HUD as well as in space by a glowing orb.

All waypoint commands are done in chat using the commands:
/wp or /waypoint

To add a waypoint:
/wp add "name" "text on hud" Neutral or Enemy or Allied X Y Z - This is the full version
/wp add "name" - This is a helper version. Adds a waypoint at your current location as "name"
/wp add "name" "text" Neutral or Enemy or Allied X Y Z GroupName - This adds a waypoint and assigns it to the group "GroupName"

* Allied waypoints are blue, enemy are red, and neutral are green.

/wp add MyWaypoint MyWaypoint Neutral 0 0 0 - This adds a green waypoint at 0 0 0
/wp add Hostile "Hostile Target" Enemy 10000 0 0 - This adds a red enemy waypoint at 10000 0 0
/wp add Currently - This adds a green waypoint at your current location
/wp add Asteroid Asteroid Neutral 5020 1020 30001 Asteroids - This adds a neutral waypoint named asteroid and adds it to the asteroids group

To remove a waypoint:
/wp remove "name"

To list your waypoints:
/wp list

To toggle waypoints off and on:
/wp toggle

To change GPS mode from normal to short or off:
/wp position

New Group functions:
To add a waypoint to a group:
/wp groupadd "name" "group name"

To remove a waypoint from a group:
/wp groupremove "name"

To toggle visibility of a group:
/wp toggle "group name"

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