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Collapse Saturday January 28, 2012 (9 entries)

cezeta  closed issue 4:51pm
cezeta  changed severity to 2 - Fair 4:51pm
cezeta  reopened issue 4:51pm
Tedak  closed issue 2:13pm
Tedak  changed status to Opravené 2:13pm
Tedak  reopened issue 2:12pm
Tedak  closed issue 2:12pm
Tedak  changed status to Duplikát 2:12pm
Tedak  added a reply 2:12pm

Collapse Sunday January 22, 2012 (7 entries)

Tedak  changed status to Nové 3:52pm
Tedak  added a reply 3:52pm
rewew  added a reply 3:01pm
Tedak  added a reply 1:20pm
Tedak  changed status to Není bug 1:20pm
RiivyNr  added a reply 9:16am
Issue Started rewew  created issue 8:50am
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